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  • Photo of La Dama Inquieta
  • Photo of La Dama Inquieta
  • Photo of La Dama Inquieta

Stage Magic > Video

Magic in greats spaces, theatres, big saloons… is for a numerous audience.

«Magic is the art of illusions. A Magic Show not only happens in the stage, in the spectator’s brain, too»
La Dama Inquieta

Saloon Magic

Within the close-up Magic and the Stage Magic: they make it in small spaces where there are’nt stage, the spectators are in the same level that the artist; it goes for a little number of people. It’s a little close-up and stage Magic…

«In Magic there are not cheat, because all of you know that there are…»
Juan Tamariz

Children’s Magic

Magic for childrens… there a different kind of magic for they. Until three years, from twelve. And for this, there’re magic for differents ages too: three to five, five to nine, nine to twelve…

«If there’re a thing that you can predict about childrens is that childrens are impossible to predict»
Dany Kaye «Silly Billy»

Promotional Magic >Promotional video

An original kind of make publicity (of a product, trademark, person…), it’s the adaptation of the magic for the product…

«The publicity, the same as illusion, sell us dreams, and the magicians are craftsmans of illusions…»
Luis Vaquera

Magic School

I want that the people learn Magic, no tricks.

Courses of General Magic for adults from 15 to 124 years old
(private classes or for a groups)

Course of General Magic for childrens, 9 to 14 years old
(private classes or for a groups)

Course of initiation to card magic private classes

«Don’t leave a trick studiyng by halves. If it don’t have any mistery for you, it have a lot of mistery for the spectator…»

Close-up Magic

Is the most magic proximity, “face to face”… The spectator have the Magician in front of him, in exclusivity, he can touch you…. Participate… to take part… And for this reasons, I think that is the magic speciality most hard for a magician, the most difficult and, for all of this, the most grateful too.

«The close-up Magic is, without dubt, where the illusionism comprise all of his spiritual contain, most clear and most intens. Is the “chemistry purity magic”, that demands from the performer a kind of conditions essencialy magic (…). The elements that take part in the close-up magic were the most clear, the most neat: naturality, psychology, technique, sympathy…»
Arturo de Ascanio

Magic for Schools